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  Article updated: November 21, 2023

Manage Amplify members and permissions

Share the load! Set permissions to manage which members can help your team create content. Once you've added your members to your Hootsuite organization, you can choose how you want them to work with your Amplify content.

Your Customer Account Manager may have set up an organization for you, but if you don't have one or need help adding members to it, see Get started with Hootsuite Business and Enterprise.

Audience: Amplify admins

Introduction to Amplify for admins video.

Add advocates

To add advocates to share your company's posts in Amplify, simply add them to your Hootsuite organization. You can add members and create teams of members. Learn how to add a member to an organization or team.

Add an Amplify Admin

You can create additional Amplify Admins to help manage the load. These members are able to create and send content to Amplify, manage topics and subscriptions to topics, publish and schedule content, and create Amplify streams.

  1. Make sure you've added the person you want to be an Amplify Admin to your organization. Learn how to add a member to an organization or team.
  2. Go to Amplify , select Admin settings, and then select Members list.
  3. Select the member, and then turn on Content Admin.
  4. Share Get started with Amplify for admins to help them get going.
  5. Contact your Customer Account Manager to enable access to Amplify Analytics for Admins.

Assign content management roles to members

Designate which members or teams can manage Amplify content in your organization.

  1. Make sure you've created an organization and added the member to that organization. It's helpful to create teams of members - this way, you can subscribe them to topics by team. Learn how to add a member to an organization or team.
  2. Go to Amplify , select Admin settings, and then select Topic list.
  3. Select Action , and then select Manage subscribers.
    Actions with Manage subscribers highlighted.
  4. Select from one of the following topic permissions:
    • Subscriber - Can share this topic's content to their social accounts. They can also subscribe to open topics from their organization. They can't create Amplify content.
    • Contributor - Can share and create content. They must send their content to a Publisher or Content Admin to approve and publish it. Content sent for review goes to the Amplify stream Drafts section. Approvers get a notification to let them know that it's ready for review. If they reject it, the post returns (with a note) to the Contributor's drafts.
    • Publisher - Can share, create, and publish content to this topic. They can also approve content from Contributors. Publishers see the draft, scheduled, and posted content for their topics.


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