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  Article updated: January 05, 2024

Use topics to organize Amplify content

Create "topics" in Amplify to organize Amplify content and make it easy to find and share. You can subscribe members and teams to specific topics.

Audience: Amplify admins

Create a topic and add members to it

Create topics, subscribe members to them, and then assign Amplify content to them.

Tip: When you create topics, make them broad enough that they get fresh content assigned to them throughout the year. A topic must have at least 2 posts assigned to it before it can be seen by your members.
  1. Go to Amplify, select Admin settings, and then select Topic list.
    Sample Amplify home page with Admin settings highlighted.
  2. Select Create new topic.
  3. Enter a topic name (up to 20 characters).
  4. Select Open or Closed.
    • Open topics - All advocates can see these topics. They can find and subscribe to those they find interesting. For Open topics to show up in Amplify, they need to have at least four pieces of content.
    • Closed topics - Only advocates subscribed to these topics can see them. As an admin, you must subscribe advocates to Closed topics (see Manage Amplify members and permissions). A lock next to a topic helps you identify Closed topics.
  5. Select Next.
  6. Optionally, add members and teams to your new topic.
If a post is in both an open and a closed topic, only advocates subscribed to the closed topic can see it. And if a topic is changed from open to closed, the members subscribed to that topic remain subscribed to it.

View topic and subscriber information

From the Admin settings, Topic list, you can see how many subscribers a topic has and how many posts are assigned to that topic.

Sample topic list in Admin settings.

Edit a topic

Need to change the topic details like the topic name or whether it is open or closed?

  1. From Admin settings, select Topic list.
  2. Select Action next to the topic, and then select Edit topic details.
  3. Make your changes, and then select Save.

Delete a topic

If a topic has become stale or is no longer relevant, you can delete it.

  1. From Admin settings, select Topic list.
  2. Select More next to the topic, and then select Delete topic.
  3. Important: Deleting a topic unsubscribes everyone from it. Posts that are only in that topic (not in others) expire. They're removed from your advocates' Amplify, but stay available to admins in the Expired queue in Amplify.

Manage topic members and teams

Subscribe members and teams to topics. It's a great way to organize your advocates around content that's relevant to them.

  1. From Admin settings, select Topic list.
  2. Select Action next to the topic, and then select Manage subscribers.
    • Find a member or team - Choose a View by option, search for, or browse for members and teams.
      Members and teams with View by highlighted.
    • Subscribe a member or team to the topic - Select Add to topic to add members and teams to the topic.
    • Remove a member or team from the topic - Select the members or teams you want to remove, and then select Remove from topic.


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