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  Article updated: May 09, 2022

Create Amplify content

Create Amplify content for your advocates to share and increase your social reach. As an Amplify admin, you can create Amplify content, or share content from streams or Hootsuite Syndicator.

Once you've created content or accepted a content suggestion, you can send it to Amplify. This makes it easy for your advocates to share it to their networks.

Audience: Amplify admins

Create your content

Create your Amplify content, and then save it as draft, schedule it, or send it to Amplify right away.

  1. Select Create new post to open the Composer and create your Amplify post. You'll select the social networks that your advocates can share this post to later. For detailed instructions on creating content using the Composer, see Create and publish posts.
  2. You can include mentions, emoji, shortened links, link-tracking parameters, and more in your post. Learn more about link tracking in Amplify.
  3. When you're done creating your post, select Send to Amplify. Don't worry, your post won't publish right away. You'll still have options to save your post as a draft, schedule it, or make changes.
    Post now menu with Send to Amplify highlighted.
  4. Set your Amplify preferences. You can choose to feature your new content, choose the social networks your members can share to, have your post expire (and be removed) from Amplify, and more.
    Publish to Amplify screen showing Amplify settings and publishing options.
  5. Select from the following options:
    • Publish Now - Send your post to Amplify.
    • Schedule for later - Save time by creating a bunch of posts and then scheduling when you want them available for members to share.
    • Save to Amplify drafts - Not quite ready to post? Save your content as a draft and come back to publish it later.

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