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  Article updated: May 15, 2024

Shorten and track links in Amplify

Using links in your Amplify posts is a great way to drive traffic to your website, blog, or landing page. Content Admins, Publishers, and Contributors can shorten links for a tidier look, and include tracking parameters to see how much web traffic comes from those links.

Audience: Amplify admins

Content Admins can shorten links with Plan admins can enable shorteners (see Set up a shortener) and set up custom vanity URLs to shorten their links (see Set up a vanity URL). If you want to use a vanity URL, make sure you add it to your Amplify organization and set it as the organization default.

  1. Go to Composer.
  2. Paste a link into your post. A link toolbar appears when the post contains a link.
    Composer content area with Shorten with highlighted.Sample post with a link showing Shorten with highlighted.
  3. Choose a shortening option:
    • Select Shorten with If you’re publishing a post to multiple social accounts, Hootsuite creates a unique link for each post.
    • If your Amplify organization has other shortener options set up, select Add tracking, then select a preset or Customize. Choose from the list of available shorteners, and then select Apply.
  4. When you're done creating your post, select Send to Amplify.

Note: Your link's UTM parameters are not shown in the admin view of Amplify, but they are applied when the post is shared.

Create or apply a link settings preset

Together, shortening and tracking are known as link settings. You can create link setting presets to save a combination of tracking parameters and shorteners. Then, when creating a post, you can apply those link settings with one click. Your organization may also have a default preset that applies consistent link tracking and shortening to every post automatically. You can create presets in the web version of Hootsuite.

  1. Go to Composer, enter or paste a link in your post, and then select Add tracking.
    The Content area of Composer, with the Add tracking option highlighted.
  2. Open the preset list and select a preset.
  3. To create a new preset, select Manage link presets, and select Create new link settings.
    Link settings with no preset selected and Manage link presets highlighted.

Tip: When choosing your organization's link settings type, select Social Profile. This option allows you to avoid fees associated with translating a member ID.


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