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  Article updated: May 08, 2024

Troubleshoot X publishing errors

These are the most common publishing errors we get from X (formerly Twitter), along with recommendations for how to fix them.

Post failed due to locked account

X accounts are temporarily locked when X detects behavior that violates The X Rules or Terms of Service and suspects that an account’s security may be compromised.

Before you can resume publishing from Hootsuite, you need to sign in to your X account in another browser tab and follow the instructions to confirm you are its owner. When your account is unlocked, reconnect it to Hootsuite. See Reconnect a social account.

To reduce the risk of having your account locked in the future, see X’s Help with my compromised account.

Post failed due to suspended account

X suspends access to accounts that violate its rules or that may have been hacked. Go to X and try signing in to your account to understand why it was suspended. Follow any instructions provided by them to verify your information and restore the account. When the account is restored, reconnect it to Hootsuite so you can resume publishing. See Reconnect a social account.

Sometimes accounts are suspended by mistake. If you’re unable to unsuspend your account, you’ll need to file an appeal with X. See Appeal an account suspension or locked account.

Learn more about X suspensions

This is a duplicate of a recent post

X’s Platform manipulation and spam policy states that repeatedly posting identical or nearly identical posts is a misuse of its product features. X compares the text of any new post with your recent posts before it gets published, to check for duplication.

Don’t try to publish the same content repeatedly, and make sure duplicates are spaced well apart over time.

Daily post limit reached

X limits all X accounts to a certain number of posts (including reposts) and direct messages per day. This limit is monitored in smaller intervals of time throughout the day, so try publishing your post again in a few hours. Limits include activity on Hootsuite, on other third-party platforms, and on Twitter itself. See About X limits.

This link is not valid

If you see this error, it means one of the following:

  • The URL is not formatted properly.
  • Twitter is blocking the URL because it is suspected of being malicious or spam.

Check that the link is properly formatted and make sure your post is compliant with X's general guidelines and policies. Try publishing this link directly from X to see if you get more information about the issue. See X’s help article Our approach to blocking links to learn more.


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