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  Article updated: November 10, 2021

Troubleshoot display issues

If you’re having problems with your display in Hootsuite, such as pages or images that are loading slowly or failing to load or refresh, try the following solutions.

Refresh Hootsuite in your web browser

Select the refresh button in your web browser.

Alternatively, you can use these keyboard shortcuts:

  • Mac: Press Shift + Command + R
  • PC: Press Ctrl + F5

Use private browsing mode

Use a private browser instance to skip any browser cookies, cache, or active add-ons. These might cause problems with the Hootsuite display. You can find instruction for each browser using the following links:

Clear your Hootsuite cache

If you're experiencing issues in Hootsuite Streams, try clearing the Hootsuite cache. It stores old stream data when streams are deleted. When old content is stored in a cache and new content is available, the cache may try to display the old content, which can cause a variety of loading issues. Clearing your Hootsuite cache deletes those temporary files and improves performance.

  1. Go to My profile, and then select Account settings, preferences, and billing.
    Account settings, preferences, and billing selected in the My profile menu.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Select Clear cached messages.
    Account and settings window with preferences selected showing clear cached messages option

Clear browser data

Clear your browser data as far back as possible. Clearing browser data includes the following:

  • Clearing your browser cache
  • Clearing your browser cookies
  • Deleting your browser history

Use the following links to find instructions for your browser.

Change your browser's cookie settings

If an area of the dashboard appears blank, cookies for the site could be blocked or disabled in your browser’s settings.

You’ll need to allow cookies in your browser’s privacy and security settings. Use the following links to find instructions for your browser.

Advanced - Authorize Hootsuite domain names

If some or all of Hootsuite's web services are not loading, your firewall settings could be blocking a domain name used for the service.

To ensure that Hootsuite functions as intended, mark the domains in the following table as known and safe by authorizing them.

Domain names to authorize

Forward this list to your IT department to authorize these domains.

Domain names to allow
DomainImpacted area if not allowedPorts
*.hootsuite.comHootsuite dashboard won't load443
*.cloudfront.netHootsuite dashboard80, 443
*.gravatar.comHootsuite profile image won't load
*.gstatic.comHootsuite-specific fonts won't load
*.hootsuite-insights.brandwatch.comHootsuite Insights won't load shortened links won't resolve80
*.giphy.comGifs from won't load in Composer80, 443
*.pixabay.comImages from won't load in Composer25, 80, 443
*.twitter.comTwitter social networks80, 443
*.ads-twitter.comTwitter social networks
*.twimg.comTwitter social networks
*.facebook.netFacebook social networks
*.fbcdn.netFacebook social networks80, 443
*.cdninstagram.comInstagram social networks22, 80, 8080
*.google.comGoogle social networks
*.googleapis.comGoogle social networks
*.googleusercontent.comGoogle social networks
*.googlevideo.comYouTube social networks
youtube.comYouTube social networks80, 443
*.ytimg.comYouTube social networks
*.linkedin.comLinkedIn social networks80, 443
*.licdn.comLinkedIn social networks80, 443
*.s3.amazonaws.com80, 443
*.zendesk.com80, 443, 8080
*.herokuapp.com80, 443
*.appcues.com22, 80, 443
api.smartling.com80, 443
*.mktoresp.com80, 443