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  Article updated: March 19, 2023

Get inspired with content ideas

Whether you're new to social or a seasoned marketer, publishing consistently can be a challenge. When you need to fill a gap in your content calendar, browse the catalog of ideas in Inspiration .

Each content idea has three parts:

  • A sample post that you can open in Composer to customize and schedule
  • A description of how and when to use it
  • A list of best practices for creating variations on the idea

With these ideas at your fingertips, you can save time creating posts and learn how to create content like a pro.

There’s no reason you can't use an idea again and again (think #flashbackfriday posts every Friday). Try a few out, and then keep them in your back pocket (or add them to your favorites) for later if you hit writer's block.

Ideas are currently available in English.

Use a content idea

  1. Go to Inspiration .
  2. Browse the ideas in the catalog. Select a filter to view ideas by type.
    The Inspiration navigation, where all the idea filters live.
  3. Select an idea to view it in detail and read more about it. Select More about this idea to find the detailed best practices for creating that type of post.
  4. Select Use this idea. The post opens in Composer.

    Tip: If you’re not ready to schedule the post, select the star to add the idea to your Favorites.

  5. Under Publish to, select a social account.
  6. In the Content area, edit the caption. Make sure to update all the text in [brackets].
  7. We recommend replacing the default image with your own. Select the X on the image thumbnail to remove it, and then choose from the following options to add your own image or video to the post:
    • Drag files from your computer into the Content area.
    • Select Upload media.
    • Select Media library, and then select Free Images, GIPHY, or a media library app from the drop-down. Business and Enterprise plan members can also access images from their content libraries. Select Close media library when you’re done.
  8. Add any other elements to your post, and then publish or schedule. See Create and publish posts for more details.


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