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  Article updated: June 18, 2024

Discover content with UpContent in Amplify

Keep an active social presence with fresh, engaging, and diverse content from UpContent right in Amplify. With Discover content, you can get great content to share right away or find the inspiration you need to create new content.

Audience: Amplify advocates with an UpContent subscription. UpContent is the industry-leading curation technology. It’s used to quickly surface the best content from relevant and credible sources. To learn more about how you can use UpContent to level-up your social presence, contact your customer account manager or our sales team at

Find and share content from UpContent

Find content to share or to inspire your next post with UpContent in Amplify.

  1. Go to Amplify, and then select Discover content.
  2. Select a content category from the list to browse through hundreds of content recipes.
  3. Select Read to open the content link or select Personalize to edit the content and make it your own.


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