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  Article updated: October 03, 2023

Review posts using Grammarly

Worried about sneaky typos in your social media content? With Grammarly built into Composer*, you can proofread and publish posts with confidence knowing that your writing is mistake-free.

Grammarly in Composer checks English spelling, grammar, and punctuation while you write. You don't need to download anything or create a Grammarly account.

Right now, Hootsuite is also giving free access to advanced suggestions to make your writing better, such as tone detection and suggestions, autocomplete, and rewrites for clarity, word choice, and inclusive language.

*Grammarly is now built into the post creation workflow, since the browser extension doesn't work with Hootsuite.

Review English text with Grammarly

  1. Go to Composer .
  2. In the Content area, enter your post text.
    As you write, Grammarly underlines where it suggests a correction or an improvement. The Grammarly icon under the Content area displays the number of suggestions.
    Text in the Content area with red underlines indicating Grammarly suggestions.
  3. Point to an underlined word or phrase in your content to review the suggestion, and accept or dismiss it.

Tip: If you’re creating a post for more than one social network, edit with Grammarly in the Initial content tab before customizing in each social network content tab.

To use features from your own Grammarly account in Composer, select Grammarly , and then select Connect your Grammarly account.

Hide or turn off Grammarly suggestions

If you don’t want suggestions while you write, select Grammarly , and then turn off the Show underlines toggle. Grammarly still displays the number of suggestions available but it won’t underline any text. When you’re ready to edit, select Grammarly, turn on the Show underlines toggle, and then select View suggestions.

To turn Grammarly off completely, select Grammarly , and then select Turn off Grammarly. Select it again anytime you want to turn it back on.


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