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  Article updated: September 07, 2023

Review paid content results with Advertising performance

Track the performance of your campaigns, ad sets, and ads so you can focus on those with the highest return on your investment.

Plans: Business and Enterprise members with Hootsuite Advanced Analytics. If you are a customer with Social Advertising, see the following help articles:

Go to Analytics, and then select Advertising performance.

  • If you don't see Advertising performance, please reach out to your customer account manager.
  • If you don't see your ad account in Advertising performance, make sure you've connected it to Hootsuite. Learn how to connect an account to Hootsuite.

Review the performance of your paid content

Analyze your campaigns and paid content with Advertising performance. You can review details such as dates, status, and objectives as well as results for performance metrics like ROI, reach, engagement, clicks, impressions, and more.

  1. Go to Analytics, and then select Advertising performance.
  2. Select your social network and ad accounts.
    The social network and account pickers in Advertising performance.
  3. Depending on your connection type, you’ll have different options you can select to view performance data for your campaigns and assets.
    Advertising performance with campaigns, ad sets, and ads highlighted.
  4. If you want to see performance data for a different time period, select Change date range and then set your dates.
  5. Optionally, use one of the following options to view specific details about your campaigns, ad sets, and ads.
    • Select any campaign, ad set, ad group, campaign group, or ad to view its status, details, and results.
    • Check the box next to a campaign or ad set to review performance only for content associated with that campaign or ad set.
    • Select Customize columns to choose what you want to see.
    • Select Show breakdown under a campaign, ad set, or ad, and then select a breakdown option. You can break down your data by age, country, gender, social network, and more.
      Advertising performance showing a campaign with Show breakdown highlighted.
      Note: Hootsuite collects breakdown data in real-time while the metrics data for ads, ad sets, and campaigns is collected on a schedule. You may see a difference in numbers depending on when you are viewing your data.

Create, save, and reuse advertising performance filters

Filters help you narrow in on the information that is important to you. For example, you can view results for campaigns with a lead generation objective, ads that include videos, or ads that target a specific social account.

Filters only apply to the specific type of content you’re filtering. They do not apply to all campaigns, ad sets, and ads.

  • Filter your content - Select Filter , and then select from the available filters to narrow in on your content.
  • Create your own filter - Select Filter, and then select Create your own filters to create your own, custom filter.
    Filter content with Create your own filters highlighted.
  • Save a filter - Select Filter, include or exclude information to narrow in on, and select Save.
  • Use a saved filter - Select the arrow next to Filter, and then select your saved filter from the list.
  • Delete a saved filter - Select the arrow next to Filter, point to the saved filter, and then select Delete .

Export your view

Select Export, and then choose how you want to export your data:

  • Select Comma separated values (.csv) to export your data to CSV. Hootsuite generates a zip file containing three CSV files (one for campaigns, one for ad sets, and one for ads).
  • Select Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) to export your data to an Excel spreadsheet. Hootsuite generates an XLSX workbook with three worksheets (one for campaigns, one for ad sets, and one for ads).

Exports include all the data in your view based on the filters you applied, as well as all other available columns in the Advertising performance view.


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