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  Article updated: May 01, 2024

Track your spend and return with ROI analysis

Learn which social networks and accounts are driving the most value for your business with return on investment (ROI) analysis.

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ROI analysis video.

Go to Analytics, and then select ROI analysis.

  • If you don't see ROI analysis, please reach out to your customer account manager.
  • If you don't see your account in ROI analysis, make sure you've connected it to Hootsuite and, in the case of web analytics accounts, had your customer account manager configure it for you.

Review your top-performing pages and ad accounts in ROI analysis

Your ROI analysis view is already configured to give you an overview of the social efforts driving your ROI and leading customers to your website. If you want to customize it to better align the metrics to your business goals (for example, conversion metrics to increase lead generation), please contact your customer account manager.

Filter your ROI results

View your ROI performance by social network and account to understand which are driving the best results during a specific time frame.

Select the social networks and accounts you want to analyze from the top of the page. Select Change date range to choose the time frame you want to review.

Use ROI spend and return values to gain valuable insights

See which social networks and accounts are your highest performers and how your spend relates to your return. The ROI analysis view shows your total spend, total return, and breakdown by social network for the selected date range.

Example ROI spend and return showing spend by social network.

Review the Spend to see the total amount of money spent on all your selected social ad accounts. You can also view the total amount spent by social network. To see spend for a specific ad account, select it from the account options at the top of the page. Your total spend reflects the total amount spent for all your selected social ad accounts. If you have ad accounts with different currencies, we aggregate the values, we do not convert them to USD or anything else.

Return shows the total number of points or ROI dollar values collected for all posts in your selected accounts. You can also view the total ROI return by social network. These values can help you keep an eye on what’s important, track progress toward your business goals, and inform your social strategy. To see return for a specific social account, select it from the account options at the top of the page.

Tip: Work with your customer account manager to assign weighted values to important metrics for each social page and ad account, and adjust how you calculate your return value shown in ROI analysis.

Compare your results over time to track your performance

Compare your spend and return with a previous time to see how you are doing. Spend and return automatically show your trend in performance by comparing your current values to a previous time frame. For example, if you choose to view the last 7 days, the comparison shows the previous seven days values and the percent change between values so you can see how you’ve done week over week.

Learn which metrics drive your ROI

Look closely at your data to uncover what contributes most to your total ROI values, and then use that information to adjust your social strategy. The metrics you see reflect the ROI metric profiles connected to your selected accounts.

You can choose to group metrics by customer journey stage (that is, the different stages that people go through when they interact with a brand) or look at metrics for a specific social network. This lets you really analyze what contributes to your ROI.

View a graph of your ROI metrics over time. Point to the graph’s plot points to view the data for that date.

Example ROI graph showing plot point hover information.

Export your data comparison view

Select Export to export your data to CSV.


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