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  Article updated: June 20, 2024

Add a note to an analytics report

Add a note to an analytics report and ask questions, provide context, or highlight results to focus on. You can think of a note as a quick way to communicate findings and next steps with people in your organization, right in a report.

You can share reports so others in your organization can view the same analytics data and notes. Learn more about sharing reports

Add a note

  1. Go to Analytics and open a report (check out Open an Analytics report).
  2. Select Add note to add a note tile at the top of the report, next to your metric tiles.
    Add note button selected in the report.
  3. Select and delete the text from the tile, and then enter your own message of up to 1,000 characters.
  4. Save your message by selecting any area outside the note tile.

You can edit the note anytime you like.

Note: You can only export notes in PDF report exports. Learn more about exporting reports.

Format your note

Personalize your message—add emoji, format the text, and include links to useful resources.

  1. Point to a note tile, and then select from the following options:
    • Select Format to add a heading, link, or bulleted list, or to bold or italicize your text.
    • Select Emoji to add emoji to your note.

Resize a note

Need more room to share your findings and recommendations? You can quickly size your note tile to meet your needs.

  1. Press and hold the bottom right corner of your tile, and then drag in or out to set the tile size.

You can also point to a note tile, and then select Configure tile to choose a different size for your note.

Move a note

Move your note tile wherever you like in your report.

  1. Press and hold the top of your tile, and then drag the tile to the new location.

Delete a note

  1. Point to a note tile and select Configure tile.
  2. Select Delete and confirm.


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