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  Article updated: April 16, 2024

Save a post or comment for later

See something interesting in Streams but don’t have time to focus on it at the moment? Just save it for later. Saving an item for later adds it to a collection on your Saved items page.

Saved items works like a set of bookmarks. It’s a place where you can store items now and return to them later to view or interact with them.

You can save the following on your Saved items page:

  • Facebook posts, comments, and replies
  • X posts, quotes, mentions, replies, and reposts

Notes about saved items:

  • Saving an item in Hootsuite does not affect your social network accounts.
  • Only you can see your saved items.
  • You can save up to 300 items. The number of items you’ve saved appears at the top of the Saved items page.
  • Your saved items are automatically removed after 12 months.

In Streams

Next to the comment, post, or mention you want to save, select More options, and then select Save for later.

The item is added to the Saved items page.

To remove the item from the Saved items page, select More options, and then select Remove from saved items.

On the Saved items page

On the Saved items page, you can do any of the following:

  • Select View post to open an item in a window where you can interact with it (like, reply, etc.) just like you would in Streams.
  • Select Remove from saved items to remove it from this page.
  • Select Remove all from saved items at the top of the page to clear your entire list of saved items.

    The Saved items page with a  post selected.


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