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  Article updated: December 01, 2023

Create a TikTok video

You can publish videos to TikTok from Composer. To save time, you can publish to several TikTok accounts or social networks at once. Publish videos right away, or schedule them in advance for a specific day and time.

Not sure how to get started with video content? Check out these 26 Free TikTok Ideas that you don't need a video studio for.

Before you begin

Make sure you’ve already added a TikTok account to Hootsuite. How to add a TikTok account.

Prepare a TikTok video for publishing from Hootsuite

Video editing and customization are not supported in Hootsuite. Prepare your final video using another video editing program to crop, trim, or add filters, stickers, or music. If your video is ready to go, skip to Create your video post for next steps.

Tip: Here are some popular video editing apps that other businesses use to edit TikTok videos: InShot, CapCut, Splice, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

You can use the following workflow to prepare your videos using TikTok’s transitions and effects, and then upload them to use Hootsuite's scheduling and collaboration features. Save time by creating several videos at once and scheduling them in Hootsuite with the rest of the social content in your calendar. There’s no limit to how far out you can schedule a video.

  1. In the TikTok app, create a video as usual.
  2. On the Post screen, select Who can watch this video and choose Only me.
  3. Select More options, and make sure Save to device is toggled on.
    The Only me and More options settings on the Post screen in the TikTok app.
  4. Select Post. The video is saved to your device and to your profile’s private videos . You can delete the video from this section of your profile if you want to.
  5. Optional: Videos saved from TikTok will show a TikTok watermark. You can crop this out of your video or use an app or video editing tool to remove it. Check out 4 easy ways to remove the TikTok watermark.
  6. Upload your finished video to Hootsuite on desktop or the Hootsuite mobile app to schedule and manage it as part of your complete social calendar. See the next section, Create your video post, for instructions.

Note: This workflow lets you add sound from TikTok to your video, but when it’s published from Hootsuite, the music will be listed as original sound.

Open the post composer

You can start your post from Composer or Planner. Select one of the following options:

Create your video post

To get started, open the post composer, and then follow the steps in this article to create your video post.

Sample post in Composer.

  1. Select the TikTok accounts you'd like to publish to.
  2. Create your caption. The character limit for TikTok captions is 150. TikTok does not support URLs or line breaks. You can include the following in your caption:
    • Hashtags - Select AI hashtag suggestions for a list of hashtag suggestions. The suggestions are powered by AI and are based on your post text and media (see our guide to using hashtags on every network).
    • Mentions - To mention someone, enter @ followed by their exact username. Mentions remain in plain text until the video is published. To learn more, see Mention a user or Page.
    • Emoji - Select the smiley face to add emoji.
  3. Drag your video into the Content area or choose Upload media . TikTok supports one video per post.
  4. Below the Content area, comments, Duet, and Stitch are allowed on your video by default. Turn the toggles off to customize the privacy settings on your video.

    Note: If these settings are turned off in your TikTok profile’s privacy settings, they will override your video settings. If profile settings are on, you can turn the video settings on or off.

  5. Business and Enterprise plans (optional): Select your organization, and then select Campaign to associate your post with a current or future campaign. To find out more, see Create and manage content campaigns.
  6. Business and Enterprise plans (optional): Select Add next to Tags to apply tags to your videos and analyze their performance in Hootsuite Analytics. Select the tags to add to your video, and then select Add. To find out more, see Tag posts and messages.

Due to TikTok limitations, it’s not possible to select a cover thumbnail or access TikTok sounds in Hootsuite.

Publish or schedule your TikTok video

When you’re finished creating your video post, take a look at it in the preview on the right to see how it will look in TikTok. Once you're ready, select from the following options:

  • Post now - Publish the video right away.
  • Schedule for later - Select a date and time to publish the video. Learn all about scheduling posts.
  • Save draft - Select the arrow next to Post now, and then select Save draft if you’re not ready to publish or schedule your video.

Tip: Find and manage your drafts, and published and scheduled content in Planner . See Manage your content calendar to learn more.

If you want to create another post right away, select the arrow next to Post now (or Schedule), and then select one of the following options:

  • Post and reuse accounts (or Schedule and reuse accounts) - Publish your current video and begin a new one to the same social accounts.
  • Post and duplicate (or Schedule and duplicate) - Publish your current post and retain its content to create a new, similar post with a unique post ID.

A temporary error occurred

After publishing or scheduling your TikTok post, you may see this error in Composer. At this time, this error can appear for TikTok for several reasons, but reconnecting should fix most causes of the error.

Follow the steps in this article to proactively reconnect your TikTok account. When you reconnect, be sure to authorize all permissions for Hootsuite without editing access.

If you try publishing again and see the error again, it could be because the post is a duplicate. Please retry publishing after 24 hours, but make changes to the post to make it unique.


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