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  Article updated: May 24, 2024

Overview of Inbox 2.0

Inbox 2.0 is an advanced customer care communication hub that helps you and your teams seamlessly engage with your audience. You can receive and respond to multiple messaging channels and social networks in one place. The customer care capabilities in Inbox 2.0 help enhance team collaboration, optimize processes, and improve ROI.

Getting started with Hootsuite Inbox 2.0 video.

Supported channels

In Inbox 2.0, you can manage conversations and identify and resolve customer issues from all of the following channels:

  Facebook (public and private messages)

  • Private messages
  • Comments on posts (organic)
  • Comments on dark posts (paid)
  • Wall posts

Note: Meta does not allow third-party providers, like Hootsuite, to show Facebook or Instagram comments containing a video attachment. In addition, Inbox 2.0 does not support showing Instagram comments with multiple images.

  Instagram (public and private messages)

  • Private messages
  • Comments on posts (organic)
  • Comments on dark posts (paid)
  • Mentions

  X (formerly Twitter) (public and private messages)

  • Direct messages
  • Posts
  • Mentions

  LinkedIn Pages (public and private messages)


  • Private messages

  Inbox 2.0 Messenger (see documentation here)

Go to Inbox 2.0 and select your organization to get started.

Inbox 2.0 activity windows

It's important to respond to customers in a timely manner. In addition to keeping your customers happy, social networks enforce a customer service window for businesses to reply to customers. Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp require that you reply to messages within 24-hours. For more on messaging limitations, see the Meta Messenger platform and IG messaging API policy overview.

We know you may not always be available to respond to customers or you may not use Inbox 2.0. If you haven't opened Inbox 2.0 or your team has not responded to customers in more than 60 days, Inbox 2.0 will be disabled. During this time, you will not receive messages in Inbox 2.0, and you won't be able to assign messages from Streams. You can keep your Inbox active with automatic responses (see Set up automatic responses). To reactivate an Inbox that has been disabled, go to Inbox 2.0 and select Activate.

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