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  Article updated: March 26, 2024

Manage assignments when an agent goes offline

When an agent needs to sign out during a conversation, they risk losing or forgetting that conversation. To help prevent this, you can choose to unassign their conversations when they sign out.

Audience: Inbox 2.0 admins

Remove an assignment when an agent signs out

When you turned on Remove assignment and an agent signs out, the agent will be automatically removed from all new conversations within 2 minutes. They keep their assigned conversations. However, if an incoming message causes a conversation to move to the New queue while they’re signed out, the conversation is automatically unassigned so another agent can pick it up and continue it.

  1. In Inbox 2.0, select Admin settings.
  2. Expand Routing and automation, and then turn on or off Remove assignment.
Note: When you turn on remove assignment and a conversation is assigned to an agent who is already offline, the assignment is not removed. This way you can still assign a conversation to a specific agent who has specialized knowledge. A notification alerts the agent to the new conversation when they sign in.

Enterprise members with Advanced Inbox - If an assigned agent signs out when a boomerang moves a conversation from Pending to New, the conversation is unassigned.

Audit trails keep a record of changes in assignment. Learn more about tracking conversation actions.

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