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  Article updated: June 20, 2024

Create and manage automatic actions

Have Inbox 2.0 check for a set of criteria in a message and then take an automatic action. You can automatically add a tag to a message, apply a topic to a conversation, or resolve a conversation, so an agent doesn’t have to.

Audience:  Business or Enterprise Inbox 2.0 admins. Want more Hootsuite features? Upgrade your plan.

You can use automations to do all the following:

  • Add a tag - Apply tags to messages to add metadata, such as message sentiment, message type, or part of the overall conversation.
  • Apply a topic - Apply topics to conversations based on the conversation type, such as sales questions, technical issues, or product questions.
  • Resolve conversation - Say a conversation has ended and, just after the agent resolves the conversation, the contact responds with “Goodbye.” For cases like this, you could add an automation rule to detect the word “goodbye” and automatically resolve the conversation.

    Note: The auto-resolve action only applies when the keyword or phrase you specify appears in the first message of a conversation. When adding tags or applying topics, the keyword or phrase can appear anywhere in the conversation.

Create an automation

To create an automation, follow these steps:

  1. In Inbox 2.0, select Admin settings.
  2. Expand Routing and automation, and then select Automations.
  3. Select Add automation.
  4. Enter a name and construct your automation rule. Choose to apply the rule to all of or any of the keywords or phrases. Separate keywords and phrases with commas.
  5. Select one of the following automation options:
    • Tag with - Label incoming conversations with a preexisting tag.
    • Apply topic - Apply a topic to categorize, route, and prioritize conversations in the queue.
    • Resolve conversation - Move the conversation to the resolved queue.
  6. Select + to add more actions. For example, you can add multiple tags or topics, or add a topic and resolve the conversation.
  7. If your organization has turned on resolve reasons, you can choose to apply a reason to all automatically resolved conversations. Learn how to add resolve reasons.
  8. Choose the channels and conversation types to apply the automation to.

Manage automations

When you save an automation, it’s turned on automatically. Return to the automations to turn any off.

To permanently delete an automation, select Delete .


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