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  Article updated: June 20, 2024

Edit channel settings

You can edit channel settings in Inbox 2.0, including a channel’s name, auto-assignment settings, and auto-resolve settings.

Audience: Inbox 2.0 admins

Edit a channel's settings

Enter a custom channel display name, turn on or off auto-assignment, and set auto-resolve defaults.

  1. In Inbox 2.0, select Admin settings, expand Channels and business hours, and then select Channels.
  2. Point to the channel you want to edit, and then select Edit . You can make the following changes:
    • Enter a custom channel display name, up to 255 characters. This name is visible to anyone in your Inbox 2.0 organization.
    • Turn on or of auto-assignment. If auto-assignment is on, Inbox will automatically assign the agents in the channel conversations they respond to.
    • Business and Enterprise members can set auto-resolve defaults for the New and Pending queues. By default, Inbox automatically resolves all conversations older than 30 days. You can reduce the time before resolution and specify a resolve reason.


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