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  Article updated: May 15, 2024

Inbox 2.0 quick start guide - for admins

In Inbox 2.0, agents send and receive messages through shared social network and messaging accounts, collectively referred to as channels. As an admin, you can manage your agents’ access to channels, as well as their entire workspace environment.

Before you begin

Make sure you’ve added all the channels you want your agents to have access to in Inbox 2.0, set up your teams, and added members to your organization. For help with these tasks, see the following:

Go to Inbox 2.0 to get started.

Different plans offer different Inbox 2.0 features. Select the tab for your plan type and follow the steps to get started. If you don't know your plan type, go to My profile - you'll see it at the top of that menu.

Team and BusinessEnterprise

1. Manage your contacts

When a customer messages your team in Inbox 2.0, your agents can view and add key contact details, like a contact's language preference, email address, account number, and more in Inbox 2.0. These contact attributes help personalize responses and build stronger relationships with customers. Contact attributes are shown on the right of the conversation view.

The Contact tab, showing a sample contact with an account number, an email address, a language, and a membership.

You can choose the contact information you want your agents to see and the order in which they're shown.

  1. In Inbox 2.0, select Admin settings.
  2. Expand Agent workspace, and then select Contact attributes.
  3. Select Reorder and drag contact attributes up or down in the list to order them in the view. Use the toggle to show or hide attributes for a contact.

2. Manage assignments when an agent goes offline

When an agent needs to sign out during a conversation, they risk losing or forgetting that conversation. To help prevent this, you can choose to unassign their conversations when they sign out.

  1. In Inbox 2.0, select Admin settings.
  2. Expand Routing and automation, and then turn on or off Remove assignment.

When Remove assignment is turned on and an agent signs out, the agent will be automatically removed from all new conversations within 2 minutes. They keep their assigned conversations. However, if an incoming message causes a conversation to move to the New queue while they’re signed out, the conversation is automatically unassigned so another agent can pick it up and continue it.

Learn more about automatic agent assignments.

3. Create saved replies

Create and store pre-written snippets or responses that agents can use to quickly reply to contacts. Your agents can create their own personal collection of responses, or they can use responses from collections that have been shared with channels or teams. To create a shared collection, do the following:

  1. In Inbox 2.0, select Admin settings.
  2. Expand Agent workspace, and then select Saved replies.
  3. Select Create collection and follow the steps to create your new saved reply and add it to a collection.
Tip: Consider a collection structure that matches your company structure or FAQ topics.

After you've created a collection, select Create saved reply to add saved replies to it. Learn more about saved replies.


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