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  Article updated: March 27, 2024

Track conversation actions with audit trails

Audit trails are short text records in the agent workspace. They keep track of the actions performed in a conversation, who performed them, and when. They can help you make sure that agents handle conversations according to your organization's policies. They appear below each conversation.

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An example audit trail showing conversation assignment and bulk resolution events.

If you turned on resolve reasons for bulk resolving, system auto-resolve, automation, or a specific channel and conversation type, the audit trail shows the resolve reason. Learn how set resolve reasons.

Audit trails are available for all channels. They’re generated when a predefined event takes place. These events include changes in conversation status (moving between New, Pending, and Resolved), changes in conversation assignment, topic addition and removal, and CSAT activity.

Show or hide audit trails in conversations

To show or hide audit trails, select View, and then select or clear the Audit trails check box.

The Conversation menu showing Autdit trails being selected.


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