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  Article updated: May 24, 2024

Measure customer satisfaction with CSAT surveys

Measuring customer satisfaction (CSAT) is critical for any customer-centric organization. Inbox 2.0 helps you create custom surveys that ask users for feedback after an agent resolves a conversations. You can add surveys to any channel, and in multiple languages. The default surveys provided include fully customizable questions and follow-up responses.

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Before you begin

To use the CSAT feature, you'll first need to turn on resolve reasons (see Prompt agents to enter resolution information). Only private conversations with Resolution provided are surveyed for customer satisfaction.

Create a CSAT survey

  1. In Inbox 2.0, select Admin settings.
  2. Expand Virtual agents, and then select CSAT surveys.
  3. Select Add CSAT survey.
  4. Enter your survey information, including the percentage of contacts you want to survey and whether to send the survey immediately after resolving a conversation or after a specified period of time. To avoid sending the same survey multiple times to the same user, select how often to send the survey.
  5. (Optional) Set the minimum number of characters needed in the agent's response to trigger a survey. For example, you might not want to send a survey if an agent interaction is very brief.
    The Starting the survey section of a new CSAT survey.
  6. (Optional) Choose to only send the survey if it’s available in the contact’s language.
    The Conducting the survey section of a new CSAT survey.
  7. Create your survey content. You can edit any of the default survey questions and options, and even include emoji. You can also delete any of the follow-up responses you don't want to use. You cannot change the default scoring scale (for example, Very satisfied, Satisfied).
  8. Choose the channels to send the survey to and Save your survey.

View and edit CSAT surveys

View, edit, and delete existing CSAT surveys.

  1. In Inbox 2.0 , select Admin settings.
  2. Expand Virtual agents, and then select CSAT surveys.
  3. Choose the type of conversation resolution that triggers a survey (Human agents only or Human and virtual agents).
  4. Point to the actions area next to a survey and select Edit or Delete .

Set a low CSAT scores notification

Receive notifications when conversations get low customer satisfaction scores.

  1. In Inbox 2.0, select Personal preferences.
  2. Select Notifications, and then select the check box under CSAT.

View CSAT results in conversations

When a contact fills out a survey, the CSAT score appears in the conversation header in the agent workspace. You can also see the full CSAT survey in the conversation history.

A CSAT score of 5 in the header of a conversation.

To hide the CSAT survey information, select Conversation view above the conversation, and then clear the CSAT surveys check box.

Report on CSAT results

Create a CSAT results report. You can report on overall customer satisfaction, or satisfaction by agent or team. Learn how to create an Inbox 2.0 report in Analytics.

Export CSAT results

Export CSAT scores and comments as part of the Resolved conversations export. Learn how to export your Inbox 2.0 data.


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