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  Article updated: December 04, 2023

Set your business hours

Business hours are the scheduled hours that agents are available in each of your channels. Each channel can have its own set of business hours, with multiple shifts.

Audience: Enterprise Inbox 2.0 admins. Want more Hootsuite features? Upgrade your plan.

Add your business hours

Add sets of business hours. You can only assign one set of business hours per channel.

Important: If you don't configure business hours, the system assumes that your business or organization is available 24/7.
  1. In Inbox 2.0 , select Admin settings.
  2. Expand Channels and business hours, select Business hours, and then select Add business hours.
  3. Enter your business hour details and select the channels you want to apply them to. You can add multiple shifts per day.

You need to set business hours to do the following tasks in Inbox 2.0:


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