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  Article updated: September 25, 2023

View SLA status in the queue

Audience: Enterprise  Inbox 2.0 agents with Advanced Inbox. Want more Hootsuite features? Upgrade your plan.

A service-level agreement, or SLA, is an agreed-upon measure of your teams' response times. The Inbox 2.0 queue highlights conversations that fail to meet service-level targets, so you know right away when there’s a problem. You'll see the following colored icons next to each conversation with an SLA, along with the time left before the SLA is breached:

  • A new conversation well within the SLA displays a gray icon and the amount of time remaining.
  • A conversation that’s been in your New queue for some time displays an orange icon.
  • A conversation with a breached SLA displays a red icon and the amount of time it’s overdue.


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