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  Article updated: December 04, 2023

Connect a bot to Inbox 2.0

Add a custom virtual agent (VA) to connect a bot platform to Inbox 2.0. A custom VA can respond to messages, resolve conversations, apply topics, and set contact attributes.

Audience: Enterprise Inbox 2.0 admins with Advanced Inbox. Want more Hootsuite features? Upgrade your plan.

Add a custom virtual agent

To add a custom VA, you’ll need a webhook URL to send conversation events to. You'll also need a shared secret to verify that the webhook requests are coming from Inbox 2.0. Read more in the Inbox 2.0 API documentation.

  1. In Inbox 2.0 , select Admin settings.
  2. Expand Virtual agents, and then select Custom virtual agents.
  3. Select Add custom virtual agent.
  4. Enter a name. In the conversation view, you'll see the name followed by VA for virtual agent.
  5. Select from the following activation options:
    • Inception - Automatically picks up any private conversations that start in the channels it has access to. If there's a need for a human agent, it moves the conversation to the New queue. If there's no need for human assistance, it resolves the conversation.
    • Delegation - Doesn't automatically pick up conversations. A human agent delegates the conversation to the VA, at which point it takes over. If there's a need for a human agent, it uses the Handoff rule to decide whether to send the conversation to the New queue or the previous agent.
  6. When a timeout occurs, the conversation is “handed off” to either the New or Resolved queue. Set the following timeout rules:
    • Timeout virtual agent - When the VA stops responding, this is the maximum time (up to one hour) to wait before handoff.
    • Timeout contact - When the contact stops responding, this is the maximum time (up to 23 hours) to wait before handoff.
  7. Enter your webhook URL.
  8. Enter a shared secret.
  9. Configure timeout and error handling for both the virtual agent and the contact and save your changes.


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