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  Article updated: December 04, 2023

Review and edit contact information

When you’re in a conversation with a contact, you can find useful details about them in the Contact area, to the right of the conversation view. You can also add details about them here for other agents to read.

Audience: Inbox 2.0 agents

The Contact tab, showing a sample contact with an account number, an email address, a language, and a membership.

Along with the contact’s name, social handle, and profile image, you’ll see the logo of the social network they used for their message. You may also see the following:

  • Common contact attributes such as an email address, a phone number, or a URL.
  • Either Validated or Not validated. Contacts are validated when Inbox 2.0 is integrated with an external CRM system and the contact has been looked up and verified.
  • CRM-managed contact attributes, indicated by a cloud icon . If you point to an attribute and an edit icon appears, you can select the icon to edit that attribute.
  • A VIP button. If the button is dark blue, the contact is already a VIP. If not, you can select the button to promote the contact to VIP status. If your organization uses VIP contact groups, VIP are placed higher in the queue and can be routed to specific teams.
  • Custom contact attributes that your team’s admins have added, such as bio, contact location, language, followers, etc. Wherever you see the Add link, you can select it to add details about a contact that may be useful to your team.

You can also find or add information about a contact in the conversation view. Select their profile name in one of their messages to go to their social network profile.

Add and share notes about a contact

Select the Notes tab in the Contact view to add details about a contact for other agents to read.

Contact with Notes highlighted.

Notes you add include a timestamp and the agent’s name. Any agent can edit or delete any note. Contact notes have a maximum of 2,000 characters and display in order from newest to oldest.

Note: Contact notes are different from conversation notes. Contact notes are specific to a contact and you can see them in the Contact area, while conversation notes are added to a conversation and you can see them in the conversation view.


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