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  Article updated: February 07, 2024

Increase your reach with Amplify for Microsoft Teams

Hootsuite has partnered with Microsoft to allow organizations to increase their social reach by using Hootsuite Amplify right from the controlled and regulated environment of Microsoft Teams. Learn more about Hootsuite Amplify.

Hootsuite Amplify for Microsoft Teams video.

Before you begin

In Microsoft Teams, an admin must ensure that your organization's permissions allow Teams users to access apps. An admin can use the Global (Org-wide default) policy and customize it, or they can create one or more policies to meet the needs of the organization. To learn more about permissions and setup, see the following Microsoft help articles:

Microsoft Teams window with Team apps permissions settings highlighted.

Install and set up the Amplify app in Microsoft Teams

Add Amplify to Microsoft Teams and set up access for your team.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams.
  2. Select from the left pane.
    Microsoft Teams showing the Find an app screen.
  3. Search for and select the Amplify by Hootsuite app, and then select Add.
    Microsoft Teams search for Amplify showing the Amplify by Hootsuite app.
  4. Set up the following options to make it easy to access all of the Amplify app features:
    • Pin the app to the left pane - Right-click the Amplify app in the left pane and select Pin.
    • Add the app to a tab in a Teams channel - Select Teams from the left pane, select Add a tab from the top of the page, and add the Amplify app.
    • Set the app up for messaging - Select Chat from the left pane, select from the bottom of the page, add the app, and pin it to the bottom of the page.
      Microsoft Teams with the Amplify by Hootsuite app showing Pin and Uninstall.

Use Chat for quick access to common tasks

Quickly access options to sign in and out and view the newest Amplify content. Go to Chat and enter any of the following commands into the Search box.

Microsoft Teams chat suggestions with What's new highlighted.

Find Amplify content to share

Go to Your Content in Amplify to view the list of your company’s approved posts. To help discover content you’re interested in, do any of the following:

  • Search - Use the Search by keywords box to look for posts with specific content in the current Teams view.
  • Sort - Use the Sort by list to sort by publishing time or expiration date.
    Amplify in Microsoft Teams sort options.
  • Filter - Filter by social network and media type.
    Amplify for Microsoft Teams Filter options.

Share Amplify content to your social accounts

When you've found content you'd like to share to your social accounts, you can share it right away or schedule a time to publish that’s popular with your networks.

  1. Select a topic, and then select Share. Don’t worry, this won’t go live yet.
  2. Select the social accounts you want to share this post to. Your Amplify admins may choose to limit the social networks available for some posts. In this case, you'll find you can't select certain accounts.
  3. Choose from the following options:
    • Schedule - Set a time and date for the post to publish to your selected accounts.
    • Share now - Publish the post to your selected accounts.
    • Personalize post - Open the post and edit it before you publish. This option is only available when admins offer it.
    • Share via web - Open Hootsuite and share it from there.
      Sample Amplify post in Microsoft Teams with Share highlighted showing share options.

Share content with your team

If you find a great Amplify post, share it with your team in Chat! Go to Chat, select Amplify from the bottom of the page, and then select a post to share. You can even tag your team members to make sure they see it.

Sample Amplify in Microsoft Teams chat with Amplify highlighted.


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