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  Article updated: June 14, 2022

Share Amplify posts from Slack

Follow your organization’s Amplify feed and share Amplify posts to your social accounts right from Slack. Go to Amplify by Hootsuite in Slack to get started.

Work with Amplify content in Slack

Open the Slack app, go to the Apps list, and select Amplify by Hootsuite to see your company’s content and share it right from there. Your Apps list changes to reflect the apps you use most often. To keep Amplify by Hootsuite visible, you can star it in Slack. Learn how to star channels in Slack.

Example Slack apps menu with Amplify by Hootsuite highlighted.

When you open the app in Slack, you’ll see up to 10 of your organization’s most recent Amplify posts, sorted from newest to oldest in the Home tab. Just like in Amplify, you’ll see the type of post, publish time, share information, and the post’s topic.

Filter your posts by topic

Want to view the most recent Amplify posts by topic? Use the Select a topic list to show up to 10 of the most recent posts in a topic. Select the topic from the list again to return to the most recent posts for all topics.

Share an Amplify post from Slack

Select Share below any Amplify post in Slack. This opens Hootsuite, where you can select your accounts, and choose to either schedule or share the Amplify post.


  • Currently, Slack displays up to 10 Amplify posts.
  • The Amplify Slack app is available in English. Support for additional languages is coming soon.
  • Currently, you cannot personalize Amplify posts sent from Slack.


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