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  Article updated: May 15, 2024

Create and manage link setting presets

Link setting presets let you apply shorteners and tracking parameters to your links with one click. Presets save time for team members when creating new posts and keep everyone's posts consistent. Admins, super admins, and those with custom social networks permissions can create presets in advance for their team members.

You can use a default preset to automatically apply consistent link tracking and shortening to every post, or use a preset for a specific set of posts in a content campaign. Content campaigns in Hootsuite span a specified timeframe and contain a combination of link setting presets and tags, for future analysis. Learn how to create a content campaign.

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Create a link settings preset

You can create and use presets in the web version of Hootsuite. They can be used in both the web and Hootsuite mobile app.

  1. Go to Composer, enter or paste a link into your post, and then select Add tracking.
    The Content area of Composer, with the Add tracking option highlighted.
  2. Select the Preset list, and then select Manage link presets.
    The Manage link presets option highlighted in the Preset list.
  3. Select Create new link settings.
    Manage link settings with Presets selected and Create new link settings highlighted.
  4. Enter a name for the preset, and then select a shortener and link tracking system. See Shorten and track links for detailed instructions.
    To add your own vanity URL as a shortener, see Set up a vanity URL.
  5. Select Make default settings for all links to apply this preset by default to all links published from your organization on web and mobile. This can be overwritten with different link settings when creating or editing a post.
  6. Select Create new preset.

Manage link settings presets

To manage your presets, use steps 1 and 2 in the previous section. All active and archived presets for the organization are listed by default.

  • Select View All to filter by Active or Archived
  • Select a preset to view a summary of its settings
  • Select More to the right of a preset to edit it, make it the default for the organization, archive it, or delete it


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