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  Article updated: June 20, 2024

Monitor your progress in Amplify

See how your Amplify efforts compare to your colleagues or monitor your weekly shares.

Meet your weekly goals

Track how many Amplify posts you've shared. Scheduled content is counted after it goes live.

Example of weekly share goals in Amplify.

See how you rank in Leaderboard

If you have access to Amplify Leaderboard, you can track and review your Amplify engagement. You can also compare your results with others in your organization.

Go to Analytics, and then select Amplify Leaderboard to see your shares, reach, and clicks. You can view a list of members, their number of shares, and their results as well. Members are sorted by number of shares for all social networks.

Example Amplify leaderboard.

For detailed information on how to work with the Amplify leaderboard, see Track engagement for Amplify posts.


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