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  Article updated: February 22, 2023

Set up an approval process

Don't risk publishing mistakes, set up an approval process to make sure someone reviews content before it goes live. An approval process is a smart way to ensure you publish polished, on-brand content.

Plans: Business and Enterprise

This task requires organization admin permissions.

You can set up approval processes for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Business replies and comments made in-stream. You can also set them up for Instagram stories.

Set approval permissions for individual members

In an approval process, you assign team members to specific tasks for each of your social accounts. You can choose who creates content, who edits it, and who approves it.

  1. Go to My profile and select Manage accounts and teams.
  2. Select Manage.
    A sample organization with Manage highlighted
  3. Point to a social account, select Settings settings, and then select Manage permissions.
    social accounts in a sample organization area with settings selected and Manage permissions highlighted
  4. On the Permissions tab, select the permissions for each member.
    • If you want a member to have their content approved before they publish to this account, select Limited, Responder, or Custom - Publish Message with Approval permissions.
    • If you want a member to approve content, select Advanced, Editor, or Custom - Approve Messages permissions. Learn more about permissions.

Set up a team of approvers

Many of our most successful customers set up a team of approvers. That way, if someone isn't available to approve content, someone else can step in.

  1. Set up a team of organization members who can approve content:
    1. Go to My profile and select Manage accounts and teams.
    2. Select Manage.
    3. Select Add a team.
    4. Enter your team and social account details.
  2. Now that you have your approval team in place, let's set them up to approve content before it publishes:
    1. Point to a social account in the organization, select Settings, and then select Settings.
    2. On the Profile settings tab next to Custom Approvals, select Settings, and then select Edit custom approval.
      Custom approvals section with settings selected and edit custom approval highlighted.
    3. In the 1st approver search box, select the approval team you created, and then select Save and Set.

You can add a second or third tier of approval for extra security.

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