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  Article updated: June 20, 2024

Export Insights search results

You can export the results of a saved search as a PDF for further review, or to share with others. You get all the data and visualizations from Insights in one easy-to-share file. You choose which metrics you want to include, and you can add notes to any metric for more context.

Export your saved search results

  1. Go to More, and then select Insights.
  2. Select Saved Searches to view the list of searches saved by your organization.
  3. Select a saved search.
  4. Select Build report and then select Export as PDF from the list.
    The Build report list with export as PDF highlighted.
  5. Optionally, enter a short description of your report in the Summary box. If you want to customize your report, choose the metrics you want to include and select Select.
    Export results as a PDF options.
  6. If you want to add a note to any of the metrics in your report, scroll to the metric and enter your text in the Notes box.
  7. Select Export PDF.

Insights creates the PDF report and downloads the file to your computer.

Tip: You can also export individual metrics. Point to a metric, select the export icon , and then select the file format (JPG, PNG, or CSV) you want.

Export mentions

You can export mentions for your saved searches to an external file for sharing or further processing. For PDF files, you can choose the number of mentions to export (up to 100). For CSV files, Insights automatically exports up to 5000 mentions. In both cases, the mentions that are exported are based on the timeframe you select and any filters you apply to your search results.

  1. In the Mentions panel, select Export mentions.
  2. Choose a file format for your mentions data (PDF or CSV). If you're exporting to a PDF file, specify the number of mentions you want to export (up to 100).
  3. Select Export.

Insights exports the mentions and automatically downloads the file to your local drive.

Schedule an Insights search report

  1. Select Saved Searches to view the list of searches saved by your organization.
  2. Select a saved search.
  3. Select Build report and then select Schedule report from the list.
    Build report list with Schedule report highlighted.
  4. In the Schedule a new report window, enter a name for your report. Insights displays this name in the subject line of the email notification.
  5. Choose how often you want Insights to deliver your report from the list, when you want the first report to go out, and the email address(es) of your alert recipients.
    Tip: You can see a preview of what your report will look like when you select See An Example Report.
  6. Select Schedule.

Insights shows a confirmation message for your scheduled report. Your report recipients get an email with the PDF file of your saved search results.


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