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  Article updated: May 16, 2024

Manage your ad campaigns

Advertise in Hootsuite is a centralized hub for managing all of your paid content activities. You can view and manage all of your Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and LinkedIn ads and boost campaigns in Advertise, whether they were created in Hootsuite or in your social network platform ads manager. Track your paid content performance, and adjust your campaigns on the fly to get the most out of your ad spend.

View a list of your ad campaigns

You can view all of the ad campaigns associated with your ad accounts in one place. Every entry in the campaign list shows information on campaign settings, status, how the campaign is performing, and how much budget has been spent.

  1. Go to Advertise and select an ad campaign type.
    The Advertise navigation with the ad campaign options highlighted.
  2. Select the ad account associated with the ad campaigns you want to view.
    Example of the ad account picker.

Hootsuite displays all of your campaigns for that ad account in a table view, with key performance data for each campaign. Hootsuite doesn't display archived or deleted ad campaigns.

The campaign objective is displayed under each campaign name. The Main result is a key metric that highlights a campaign’s performance based on its objective.
Facebook ad campaign list.

Ad campaigns can have any one of the following statuses:

  • Scheduled (the campaign has been approved but hasn't started yet)
  • Active (the campaign is running)
  • Active with issue (the campaign or its ads have errors or warnings)
  • Paused
  • Paused with issue
  • Paused and scheduled
  • Completed (campaign has ended)

View ad campaign details

You can see more detailed information about any of your ad campaigns and their associated ads, to monitor performance, review campaign setup, and troubleshoot any campaign issues detected.

  1. Select the ad campaign in the list, or select More actions , and then select Check details and ads from the list.
  2. Review the campaign-level settings on the Overview tab, such as campaign settings, high-level performance metrics, information about ad placements, and target audience attributes.
    Example overview of a LinkedIn ad campaign.
  3. Select the Ad sets or the Ads tab to view performance metrics for the campaign ad sets or individual ads in your ad sets. Details include budget spent, cost per result, and engagement metrics.

Edit an ad campaign

You can change some of your ad campaign settings if you want to make adjustments after you have published it.

  1. Find the ad campaign in the list, select More actions , and then select Edit campaign from the list.
  2. In the Edit campaign window, you can change the following settings: 
    • Campaign name
    • Budget type (daily, lifetime, or both)
    • Budget amount
    • Start date (if the campaign hasn’t started yet)
    • End date
    Edit a Facebook ad campaign.
  3. Select Save changes to update your campaign settings.

Pause an ad campaign, ad set, or ad

You can pause your ad campaigns, ad sets, or ads at any time to stop spending ad budget on low performing campaigns or campaign assets.

Pause a campaignPause an ad setPause an ad

When you pause an ad campaign, the social network will stop showing all of the ads in the campaign to your target audience.

  1. In Advertise, go to the campaign list.
  2. Locate the campaign you want to pause, and then turn off the Active toggle.
    Pause an active Facebook ad campaign.

You can restart the campaign at any time by turning the toggle back on. When you restart the campaign, the ads start showing to your audience again and the campaign budget resumes spending.

Delete an ad campaign

To delete an ad campaign from the campaign list, find the ad campaign in the list, select More actions , and then select Delete campaign from the list.

View an ad campaign in the social network

You can view an ad campaign in your social network ads manager, as long as you have access to the ad account on that social network ads manager.

Find the ad campaign in the list, select More actions , and then select View on <social network> from the list.


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