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  Article updated: June 20, 2024

View your ad campaigns in a calendar

You can see all of your scheduled ads in your content calendar, along with your scheduled organic posts. Your calendar lets you view of all your scheduled content, across all your social networks, so you can keep track of all your social media campaigns in one place.

Note: Your content calendar shows Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ads created in Hootsuite. It doesn't display ads created directly in Facebook or LinkedIn.

View your ads in a calendar

  1. Go to Plan.
  2. Find to the day or week you want to see, or select Month to see all of your scheduled content for the month.

Each ad campaign card has a special AD badge, so you can quickly tell organic content from paid content.
Example of an ad in Planner.

For campaigns with multiple ads, the tile shows thumbnails for each ad in carousel format.
Planner tile showing multiple ads.

As with organic posts, you'll see colored borders on the tiles to show the status of your ad campaign.

  • Purple means that your ad campaign is scheduled.
  • Green means that your ad campaign is active.
  • Yellow means that your ad campaign is paused.
  • Red means that there's a problem with your ad campaign.

View ad campaign details

You can select any ad in your content calendar to see a summary of its ad campaign.

The campaign details panel shows the campaign status, and shows a preview of your ad on mobile and desktop (and Instagram, for Facebook ads). For campaigns with multiple ads, you can select See ads preview to view a preview of each ad in a separate window.

You can also see more information about the campaign, like target audience details, budget, and schedule. For ad campaigns that are already running, you can see high-level performance metrics.

Planner showing side panel with ad campaign details.

Select View more details to see more information about the campaign's performance in Ads, and manage the ad campaign there.

Filter your ads

You can change your content calendar view to show only ads and scheduled content for the social accounts that you choose, so you can narrow in quickly on the campaigns that are important to you. You can also filter your view to only show your paid content.

Select Filter to see content by social account (for example, all Facebook Pages), post status (draft, scheduled, published, posts by approval status, or ads by their status), and if your plan allows, by campaign (read about managing content campaigns).

Schedule a new ad campaign

You can schedule a new ad campaign the same way you can schedule a new social media post. Simply select a time slot in the calendar and choose the type of ad campaign you want to create from the list.

Example showing how to create a new ad in Planner.

Hootsuite opens your ad campaign so you can complete it, and sets the start date to your selected date.


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