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  Article updated: May 16, 2024

Boost a Facebook post

Boosted posts are paid ads that you create from existing Facebook posts. Boosting posts gets your high-performing content in front of more people, for more reactions, shares, and comments. Promoting your posts on Facebook can increase your followers and build more awareness for your brand.

When you boost a post, you set an objective based on your marketing goals, choose who you want to see it, how much you want to spend, and how long you want your promotion to run. You can also set up an automated boost and let Facebook choose the best content to promote for you.

To learn how to use boost for better ROI, see The Facebook Boost Post Button: How to Use it and Get Results. Visit the Hootsuite blog for news, tips, tools, and tactics to help you succeed on social media.

Before you begin

Boosted posts are a form of paid advertising, so you need to add an ad account to Hootsuite that’s associated with your Facebook Page before you can promote any posts.

If you’re working with a team in a Hootsuite organization, you also need advertising permissions on the social account to run promotions. For instructions on how to add an ad account and set advertising permissions, see our article on Manage ad accounts and advertising permissions.

Note: Your plan type determines your monthly promotion spending limit (for more information, see About boosted posts).

If you don’t have an ad account for your Facebook Page yet, see Facebook’s help article: Add an ad account to your Business Manager.

Boost a Facebook post

You can choose a post to boost, or set criteria to determine which posts to automatically boost.

Important: The new EU Digital Services Act requires social media companies like Meta, to provide greater transparency on ads served through their platforms. If you want to publish ad sets that target audiences worldwide or in EU countries or associated territories on Meta's platforms, you must ensure each such ad set includes beneficiary and payer information. Ad sets that do not comply will be rejected by Meta and not published on its platforms. Learn more about the EU Digital Services Act.

Boost a single post

Follow these steps to select to boost a single Facebook post.

  1. Go to Advertise and select Facebook Boost.
    Tip: You can also boost a post from other areas in Hootsuite.
    • Go to a Facebook stream , select Boost post on the post and then enter your Boost settings.
    • Go to Composer, select your Facebook Page, create your post, and select Promote this post to enter your Boost settings.
    • Go to Planner , select a scheduled post, select Edit to open it and enter your Boost settings.
  2. Select Find a post to Boost to see a list of your Facebook posts. Keep in mind that it can take up to two hours for new posts to show up in Hootsuite.
  3. Choose the post you want to promote, and select Boost.
  4. In the Boost settings window, select the ad account you want Meta to charge for the boosted post, and select Save.
  5. Choose an objective. Meta uses this information to show your post to people who are likely to take the action you want.
  6. If your ad is in a Meta-designated special category, you must identify it to comply with Meta’s anti-discrimination policies. If this is the case, select the Yes, my ad relates to credit, employment, or housing box, and then select the ad category that best fits your ads. Facebook restricts targeting options for special ad categories.
  7. Choose your audience from one of the following options:
    • Build your own audience - If you want to build your own audience, select Edit and specify which attributes to target, like location, gender, age, and interests.
      Tip: Refine your audience by demographics, interests, or behaviors. Enter a keyword in the detailed targeting box, and select one or more options from the list of suggested categories.
      Facebook audience - detailed targeting.
    • Use saved audience - Select a saved audience you've already created on Facebook.
    • Use custom or lookalike audiences - Select custom or lookalike audiences you've already created on Facebook to reach people who have already engaged with your brand or to reach new people who are similar to the audiences you've already targeted.
      Note: You create custom and saved audiences in Meta Business Manager. Hootsuite retrieves the audiences associated with the ad account you’re using to boost your posts.
  8. Select Yes, my ads target audiences in the EU, if your ad targets audiences worldwide or in EU countries or associated territories. Learn more about the EU Digital Services Act.
  9. Choose whether you want Meta to promote your Facebook post on Instagram, on just on Facebook. (If your post has more than one image, Instagram placement is not available.)
  10. Set your budget and the length of your promotion.
  11. Select Boost on Facebook.

Set up an automated boost

Follow these steps to set criteria that determine which posts to automatically boost for you.

Once your campaign is published, you can view your ads in your content calendar and manage your campaign in the Advertise area of Hootsuite.

Edit your boost settings

You can manage and edit your scheduled or past boosted posts at any time.

  1. Go to Advertise , and then select Facebook Boost.
  2. Filter your campaigns by Ad account and campaign status.
  3. In any of your boosted posts, you can do the following:
    • Select Edit Name to change the post name.
    • Set the status to Active or Inactive.
    • Select Options to edit or delete the campaign settings.
      Campaign settings.

Note: Once a boosted post has been published, you can't change the content of the post. If you need to make a change to the content, delete the boost campaign, then edit the post and boost it again.

Manage boosted posts in your content calendar

If you added Boost settings to a scheduled post, you can change them before the post is published. Only boost campaigns created in Hootsuite appear in your content calendar.

  1. Go to Planner to view your calendar. You can quickly identify your promoted posts here - just look for the $ sign on the post.
    A scheduled post with Boost settings in Planner.
  2. Select the scheduled post, and then select Edit.
  3. In the Edit post window, go to the Promotion section, and select Edit.
  4. Make your changes, and then select Save settings and continue.
  5. Select Save edits.

You can also delete the boosted post from your content calendar. If you want to duplicate the post (select More and then select Duplicate), you'll need to re-enter your Boost settings.

Once a scheduled promotion is published and live, you can monitor the promotion results in Advertise (go to Advertise, and then select Facebook Boost).

Review Facebook boost performance in Advertise

You can review performance metrics for your boosted Facebook posts at any time.

  1. Go to Advertise, and then select Facebook Boost.
  2. Select an ad account from the list to see all Facebook Boost campaigns associated with it.
  3. Optionally, filter the campaign list by campaign status (active, inactive, or all campaigns).
  4. For each boosted post, you can review specific metrics like reach, amount spent, and engagement.
  5. Select See Post on Facebookto view the post on Facebook.


Why does my post say boost is unavailable?

Certain posts, like shared posts, cannot be boosted. To learn more about why your boost is unavailable, see the Facebook help article Why is my boost unavailable?

Why does my boost have an error status?

Error status means the post failed to pass Facebook’s review and did not publish. Sign in to your ad account on Facebook for details.

Tip: Make sure you have all email and Facebook notifications turned on in the ad account so that Facebook notifies you if a campaign fails.

What is a hot post?

Facebook flags high-performing posts as hot posts . Hot posts are good candidates for boosting because they have higher organic engagement.


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