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  Article updated: November 24, 2021

Overview of the Hootsuite mobile app

The Hootsuite mobile app is a complement to the web version of Hootsuite. Its features help you stay on top of your social media tasks efficiently, in and out of working hours.

If you’re new to Hootsuite, see Get started with Hootsuite to start exploring and setting up your account on the web version of Hootsuite.

The Hootsuite mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices. Download it for free from your phone’s app store. The minimum OS requirements are Android 5.0 and iOS or iPadOS 14.

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How to use the Hootsuite mobile app video

The Hootsuite mobile app doesn't support complex workflows that take more than a couple minutes. Tasks you must complete in the web version of Hootsuite include creating analytics reports, adding new team members, and managing your Hootsuite organization.

Here’s an overview of what you can do in each area of the Hootsuite mobile app.


Manage your account and settings by selecting your profile picture in the top left of the app. On the Account tab, you can manage your connected social accounts and find links to help. If you’re part of more than one Hootsuite organization, you can switch between them here. On the Settings tab, you can manage the notifications you receive, switch the app to dark mode, and find the Sign out button.

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Monitor conversations, likes, and mentions and engage with your audience. Select Streams to create and view content feeds from your connected social accounts. You can monitor specific keywords, mentions, topics, hashtags, or even competitors and take part in those conversations. You can also categorize and organize your streams with boards.

Streams in the Hootsuite mobile app are great for scanning for social mentions of your brand outside of office hours and replying to time-sensitive comments.

For more information, visit the following help articles:


Create, publish, and schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Select Compose to create new posts that you can publish to multiple accounts at the same time. Besides text, you can include mentions, links, images, videos, GIFs, emoji, and hashtags. Business and Enterprise plan customers can also access content library images.

The Hootsuite mobile app is great for whipping up a post when inspiration strikes and saving it as a draft to polish later.

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View and edit scheduled posts, work on drafts, and manage approvals by selecting Publisher. You can also create new posts in empty time slots, or delete existing ones, right from the calendar. Filter the Publisher by social account or post status to find your drafts or posts that need approval before they get published.

The Hootsuite mobile app is great for double-checking your scheduled posts before they get published.

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Respond to incoming messages across all social accounts from one place. Select Inbox to engage with your audience using both private and public messages. Inbox shows conversations in threads, providing full context to help you respond efficiently and let you focus on strengthening relationships. You can reply to or assign messages to others on your team, and then mark them as replied or resolved.

The Hootsuite mobile app is great for staying on top of time-sensitive engagement when conversations continue after hours, ensuring you don’t miss any responses.

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Get notified of new social activity and Instagram posts that are ready to publish. Select Streams and then Notifications in the top right to view your notifications. Get alerted to new activity on your Twitter and Facebook Pages, as well as approval notifications and those all-important Instagram publishing reminders. You can choose to receive many of these as push notifications too.

As with all third-party tools that work with Instagram, the Hootsuite mobile app is essential for publishing Instagram stories and posts with multiple images or videos (carousels). When it's time to publish, you’ll get a notification that contains your content, ready for you to open in Instagram to add those final touches and publish.

For approvers in Hootsuite Business or Enterprise organizations, mobile push notifications let you know whenever a new post is ready for approval.

​​For more information, visit the following help article:

Finding mobile app information in the Help Center

When a Hootsuite feature is in both the web and mobile versions, you’ll find the information together in the same help article. Select the tabs within each help article to view the steps and information specific to each device type. The tabs look like this:

Web Mobile

Web instructions.

You can find mobile-specific help articles in the Hootsuite for mobile section of the Help Center.