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  Article updated: June 20, 2024

Adjust your AutoSchedule settings

This feature is available in Amplify and on mobile. Hootsuite on the web uses "recommended times" to personalize recommendations. Learn more about recommended times.

Use AutoSchedule to fill gaps in your posting schedule and keep your social presence active. AutoSchedule can pick scheduled publishing times for you. It schedules content for you using the following factors:

  • Your customized AutoSchedule settings (posts per day, time frame, and days applicable).
  • Your already-scheduled content for the selected social account.
  • General high-engagement time periods for the social network. These are not specific to your or your audience's habits.

Important: AutoSchedule does not duplicate posts. It schedules each post one time during your set time frame.

AutoSchedule settings apply to each social account. If AutoSchedule is set to schedule up to five posts a week, it will schedule up to five posts for each social account.

You can select different times to publish the same post on different networks. For example, if you use AutoSchedule to publish content on Twitter and Facebook, you could schedule a post for 11:30 AM and a Facebook post for noon. Scheduled times use 5-minute increments.

View and manage your AutoScheduled posts in your content calendar. Learn more about managing your scheduled posts.

Adjust AutoSchedule settings

  1. Go to Account, and then select Profile.
  2. Select AutoSchedule from the Account & Settings list.
  3. Set a preference for the most posts you want to publish to each social account each day. Set your preferences for publishing times and days of the week.
    Example of AutoSchedule settings scheduling up to 5 posts between 8am-6pm on Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
  4. Select Save settings.

Changes to AutoSchedule settings apply to newly scheduled posts. They do not change times for posts that are already scheduled.


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