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  Article updated: May 01, 2023

Hootsuite for nonprofits

We know that social media plays a critical role in providing accessible information, delivering help when it’s needed, and inspiring people to take action on the causes that matter to them.

We provide discounts and education to help nonprofit organizations use social to change the world we live in for the better.

Get started with the HootGiving Program for Nonprofits

Ready to get started with Hootsuite for your nonprofit organization? Use the following steps:

1. Review the eligibility guidelines

To be eligible for the HootGiving program, your nonprofit organization must meet the following requirements:

Your nonprofit must not be any of the following:

* Charitable arms or foundations associated with hospitals or healthcare organizations are eligible.

2. Register with TechSoup and get your validation token

As part of requesting a Hootsuite account, you’ll need to register your organization with TechSoup, the organization that manages the nonprofit verification process for our program. Registering with TechSoup allows your nonprofit organization to save money by accessing valuable product offers from many technology companies.

Already registered?

If you're already registered with TechSoup, you'll just need to include your TechSoup Validation Token in your application. Find your validation token using the following steps:

  1. Sign in to Techsoup or your local TechSoup partner account.
  2. Look for your validation token. It will look something like this - 123c492@MyOrgName.

Need to register?

If you need to register and get a token, complete the following steps:

  1. Visit the TechSoup Global Network to confirm your nonprofit status and get your validation token.
  2. When you have your validation token, return to this page.
  3. Complete the application form.
  4. We’ll process your form and contact you via email.
  5. Wait for verification from TechSoup. Most requests are reviewed in 2-14 business days. TechSoup will contact you to ask for any information they may need to verify your organization. You can get help from TechSoup by visiting

Note: TechSoup validation tokens expire after 60 days. If your token is expired, you can create a new token.

3. Apply for a nonprofit discount

After you have confirmed your organization's eligibility and have your TechSoup validation token ready, apply for your discount using this form.

4. Get the most out of your Hootsuite account

After you have been verified by TechSoup and approved for our HootGiving Program, use the following resources to learn how to get the most out of your Hootsuite account.

Visit our HootGiving page to learn more.


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