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  Article updated: September 16, 2021

Schedule posts at recommended times

Take the guesswork out of filling your content calendar by scheduling posts at recommended times. You can see recommended times when you schedule posts in the Composer and in your Planner.

Recommendations are tailored for you based on your own historical data. Hootsuite uses the average engagement rate on the last 30 days of posts from your social accounts to determine the best times to reach your audience. A social account must have at least three posts with some engagement in the last 30 days to be included. Your posts can be published from Hootsuite or directly to a social network. The more posts you have, the smarter Hootsuite’s recommendations will be.

Hootsuite generates recommendations for Facebook Pages, LinkedIn profiles and Pages, Instagram personal and business profiles (for posts but not stories), and Twitter profiles.

Plans: This feature is not available to Free plan members. To change your plan type and access this feature, see Manage your Hootsuite plan and account.

Scheduling at recommended times from the Composer

When you are ready to schedule a post that you’ve created in the Composer, select Schedule for later. Select the calendar icon and choose the day you want to schedule the post. You can then select a recommended time, or manually set a specific time for the post to publish.

Recommended times in the Composer, with the most optimal time highlighted

When available, you’ll see the three best times to publish on that day, with the top option indicated by a star.

Recommendations are not available under the following conditions:

  • Selected social accounts have fewer than three published posts in the last 30 days
  • Selected social accounts have no engagement on their published posts in the last 30 days
  • Recommended times for the current day have passed, and there are no recommended times in the first 12 hours of the next day.
  • Selected date is more than four weeks in the future

When you schedule a post to a single social account, Hootsuite recommends specific times. With multiple social accounts selected, Hootsuite may provide recommendations as time ranges. Previous posts from your selected accounts are grouped into hourly intervals to find the top three performing intervals across all of them. Hootsuite schedules your post at the best time for each account within the time range you select.

Tip: Team, Business, and Enterprise plan members can look at the Best Time to Publish view in Analytics for even more personalized suggestions based on your goals. See Suggestions for the best times to publish on social

Viewing recommended times in Planner

Hootsuite recommends up to three time slots per week in your calendar to help you confidently schedule posts and reach your audience at optimal times. Recommended times display by default. You can select Settings and then Show recommended times to turn recommended times on or off.

Hootsuite takes the average engagement rate from the last 30 days of posts across your social accounts. Posts can be published from Hootsuite or directly to a social network, but each social account must have at least three posts with some engagement in the last 30 days to be included. Hootsuite highlights the three best-performing time slots for the week, provided they are in the future.

Recommended times highlighted in the Planner calendar, with Settings open showing the Show recommended times toggle

Point to a recommended time to view the social account(s) that Hootsuite is recommending you publish to.

A cursor pointing to a recommended time, which shows more detail about the account targeted with the recommendation

Hootsuite calculates recommended times using a maximum of 100 social accounts. If an organization has more than 100 connected accounts, Hootsuite uses those with the most followers/fans. You can apply filters in Planner to get recommendations that are tailored to specific social accounts. Filter for one social account or filter by campaign or team to get recommendations for a set of accounts that you often schedule the same content to. See Filter your scheduled content for more details.

Team, Business, and Enterprise plan customers can select Explore the data behind your recommendations to view the analytics data in more detail. See Suggestions for the best times to publish on social for more information.

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