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  Article updated: April 28, 2022

Mute a post in Sparkcentral

When a post creates a large amount of traffic that floods the New queue, it can become difficult to and handle conversations that need immediate responses.

Admins can exclude comments on specific posts from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram from coming into the Sparkcentral queue by using the Mute post functionality.

Note: Only admins can mute posts.

Mute a post

  1. In the agent workspace, select the More actions icon next to a comment.
  2. Select Mute post.

Any comments made while the post was muted cannot be included in a thread retroactively.

Muted post information logs

When a post is muted, a log is created and stored. To view all muted posts, go to Admin settings, expand Social media, and then select Muted posts.

Here, you can do the following:

  • Select a link to visit the original post.
  • View timestamps and creators of post-muting events.
  • Unmute individual threads.



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