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  Article updated: November 10, 2021

Display issues when importing Sparkcentral CSV files in Excel


When you export data from Sparkcentral, the data is stored in CSV files. When importing these files into Microsoft Excel, you might experience line breaks or other unexpected display issues because of an Excel limitation. When you open the CSV file as a text file, the data will appear correctly.

You can use this workaround to import data into Excel:

  1. After exporting to CSV, do not open the CSV file. (If you already opened it, close it without saving.)

  2. Upload the CSV file to a Google Sheet.

  3. Open the CSV file in Google Sheets. You will see that all the data is displayed correctly.

  4. Download the Google Sheet (on the File menu, select Download as) to a Microsoft Excel file (.xlsx).

  5. Open the new file in Excel. The should now be displayed correctly.


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