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  Article updated: September 13, 2021

Overview of Sparkcentral

Sparkcentral is a customer care platform that helps you engage with your audience and manage conversations seamlessly on any messaging channel or social network.

A conceptual view of the Sparkcentral interface, highlighting supported social networks

Sparkcentral offers the following features and benefits:

  • Manage conversations from all your support channels—including social media networks, SMS, live chat, WhatsApp, and apps—in one place.
  • Collect and access customer data to resolve questions and issues quickly.
  • Use reports to set targets, send surveys, and gain insight into your customer care operations.
  • Keep communications efficient, yet personal, with custom bots and automation.

For more information and product help, browse the Sparkcentral categories here or search for the content you’re interested in.

To learn more about Sparkcentral or request a demo, see the Sparkcentral product page.