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  Article updated: September 13, 2021

Auto-resolve conversations in Sparkcentral

All conversations in Sparkcentral older than 30 days in the New or Pending queues are automatically resolved. You can change this setting by reducing the time before resolution and by specifying a resolve reason.

To change auto-resolve settings:

  1. On the Settings tab, expand Queue, and then select Preferences.

  2. Under Auto-Resolve Conversations, change the time and resolve reasons as you like.

    auto-resolve settings

When you make changes to the auto-resolve settings, they will apply for all new incoming conversations. Conversations already in the New or Pending queues will use the previous settings.

Example scenarios:

  • Customer didn't respond. If you respond to a customer and move the conversation to the pending queue, you rely on the customer to respond to you. There are cases in which the customer will simply stop responding, which require manual resolution. You can use the boomerang feature to automatically move a conversation back to the New queue for an agent to review.
  • Twitter search queries. You can use Twitter search queries to listen to what people are saying about your brand. However, this might result in more items than your team can handle in your New queue, requiring you to use the bulk resolve feature to clean your queue.

Default global settings vs. channel-specific settings

All channels follow the auto-resolve conversations settings specified in Queue > Preferences by default. However, you can override these settings per channel:

  1. On the Settings tab, expand Channels & Business Hours, and then select Channels.
  2. Select Editnext to the channel you want to edit.

    autoresolve options in channel

Example scenario:

If an admin sets a default global setting to Resolve all conversations from the New queue by default after 10 days, and sets a channel-specific setting to Twitter such as "ClearCreditHelp channel to Resolve all conversations from the New queue after 14 days," the following will take effect:

  1. All conversations in the New queue for the Twitter-ClearCreditHelp channel are resolved after 14 days.

  2. All conversations in the New queue for your other channels are resolved after 10 days.

    customer information with autoresolve options highlighted