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  Article updated: January 19, 2024

Overview of Insights

Insights, powered by Brandwatch is a social listening solution. Search Insights to find out how people are talking about any topic, and get insights for your own content strategy or marketing campaigns.

Plans: Business and Enterprise (as an add-on package)

Hootsuite Insights powered by Brandwatch video.

Access to Insights applies at the team level, and then at the individual team member level. Team admins have to assign Insights permissions to individual team members. Team admins have read-write access to Insights, while team members have read-only access.

Individuals have access to Insights searches for the teams they belong to. If all members in your Insights plan need access to the same searches, you can create a team for that purpose. See Create or delete a team and Add a member to an organization or team for more information.

Data and site coverage

Insights uses the Brandwatch Data Library, a shared collection of public data acquired by Brandwatch, to match mentions to search queries. Brandwatch gathers the data using custom web crawlers, search APIs, data streams from third-party data providers, and direct relationships with specific sites.

Insights returns mentions from a wide variety of sources, including the sites listed in the following sections.

Data visualization

Insights provides rich data visualization to segment mentions by categories, such as demographics, emotion, and sentiment.

You can filter the mentions by a variety of attributes to zero in on particular audience traits. You can also view trends in volume over time, and discover the top sites and authors for mentions that match your search query. See Metrics in Insights for more information.


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