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  Article updated: May 09, 2022

Sparkcentral cross-channel conversation history

Cross-channel conversation history gives you a consolidated view of a contact’s conversations across all channels and networks. This means you don’t have to ask a contact for information that’s already been provided and lets you know whether the contact has been working with another agent.

Set a matching attribute

Conversations can be linked across channels based on shared contact information. For Twitter and Instagram, conversation histories are matched across channels by default based on unique user IDs. For all other channels, you can specify a matching contact attribute. When conversations from different channels have the same value in the Attribute used for matching field, their conversation histories are linked automatically.

To set the contact attribute used for matching across channels:

  1. Go to Admin settings, expand Agent workspace, and then select Contact attributes.
  2. Under Attribute used for matching, select Change to choose a new attribute.

If you don’t select a matching attribute, the conversation histories in different channels for the same contact will not be linked, with the exception of Twitter and Instagram contacts.

Agent experience

Channel icons at the top of the conversation view indicate whether the history for this contact is available on multiple channels.

Agents can show or hide the cross-channel conversation history by selecting or clearing the All channels check box under Conversation view.

Selecting All channels in the Conversation view list.


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