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  Article updated: September 13, 2021

Create a Sparkcentral agent account

Admins can add users to Sparkcentral by following these steps:

  1. On the Settings tab, expand Agents & Teams, select Agents, and then select Add Agent.
  2. Enter the agent's name, email address, and user reference (the agent's internal ID).
  3. In the Account Role list, choose the access level you want to assign: Admin or Agent.
    Note: Admins have access to the Conversations tab and the Settings tab. Agents only have access to the Conversations tab. Both agents and admins can access tabs for channels for which they have Supervisor access.
  4. Optionally, add a photo and a short code. Agents may also enter these items themselves.
  5. Select Save.

Assign agent channel roles and access permissions

After you add agent to Sparkcentral and select Save, you can choose which channels that agent has access to, or you can add the agent to a specific team.

Channel roles

You can assign an agent one of three channel roles:

  • Viewer – This role can move conversations to Pending or Resolved, view the channels they have access to, and add tags, notes, and topics to conversations, but they cannot reply to conversations. This role may be useful for training new agents.
  • Contributor – This role can move conversations to Pending or resolved, view the channels they have access to, add tags, notes, and topics to conversations, and reply in conversations. Contributors do not have access to reports.
  • Supervisor – This role has all of the permissions that a Contributor has, as well as the ability to access reports on the Monitoring tab (only for channels for which they are assigned the Supervisor role).

Channel and team access

When adding or editing an agent, you can either assign them to channels or to a team. Every user must have access to at least one channel, whether as a Viewer, Contributor, or Supervisor, to access their Sparkcentral account.

  • Channel Based Access - Users with channel-based access are “teamless,” with access only to assigned channels.
  • Team Membership - Users with team access have access to all of the channels of the teams they belong to.

Additional information:

  • If a user is restricted from a channel, they cannot view any conversations within that channel.
  • Any updates made to the user’s channel access permissions takes place immediately.
  • Admins also have the ability to toggle access for ‘All Channels’ when creating a channel-based access agent’s account.

As soon as the admin completes the new agent account creation, an email is sent to the agent with their email logon information and a link to create a new password to use for their Sparkcentral account.