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  Article updated: April 19, 2022

Sparkcentral saved replies

The Saved replies tab stores pre-written responses that can be sent to customers. Each team member can add a personal collection of responses, in addition to using the team library.

You can store two types of responses:

  • Articles: An article can contain formatted text. Articles are sent as URLs and will take the reader to a separate page. Agents cannot change the text of an article.
  • Snippets: A snippet is often called a "canned response." Agents can click or drag snippets into the reply box, and then alter the text as needed before sending it.

Admins can create snippets and articles for teams to use in Settings by expanding Agent workspace and selecting Saved replies:

  • To add a new snippet, select Add new and choose Snippet.
  • To add a new article, select Add new and choose Article.

As the number of articles and snippets in your organization grows, you can create collections to categorize them. To create a collection:

  1. Go to Admin settings, expand Agent workspace, and then select Saved replies.
  2. Select Add new and choose collection.
  3. Give the collection a name, and then match channels to the collection.
Tip: We recommend a collection structure that matches your company structure or FAQ topics.

To edit a collection, article, or snipped, select the Edit icon next to its name.

Use snippets and articles in conversations

  1. With an active conversation open, select the Saved replies tab on the right.
  2. Expand a collection.
  3. Hover your mouse over an article or snippet to display the URL of an article or a preview of snippet contents.
  4. Select the article or snippet to paste it into your conversation.

Create personal snippets

Agents can maintain their own style and voice in their frequently used responses without affecting other agents’ saved snippets. Personal snippets are only visible and accessible by the logged in agent.

To create a personal snippet:

  1. On the Saved replies tab, expand Personal collection, and then select Add snippet.
  2. Enter a title and compose your new snippet, and then select Save.

An agent may have up to 20 items in a personal collection at one time.


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