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  Article updated: September 13, 2021

Away states in Sparkcentral

As an admin, you can customize away states, allowing you to better track how agents spend time when not engaging with customers. This feature helps you gain insight into agent productivity, provide better forecasting, and schedule adherence reports.

To add an away state:

  1. On the Settings tab, expand Agent Workspace, and then select Away States.
  2. On the Away States page, select Add Away State.

    Note: Away states can have a maximum of 25 characters.

Away states are global, so admins don't need to create them for each channel. On the Away States page, you can use the toggles to enable or disable individual away states. You can also edit or delete them at any time by selecting the Edit or Delete icon next to the state; all associated data remains available in reports after deletion.

Note: When you have created at least one custom away state, the default “Away” is no longer an option. If you disable this feature by turning off all custom away states, the default Available and Away states appear.

Select a state - agents

Agents can select the state most applicable to them when they step away from Sparkcentral by selecting the status next to their profile picture and choosing from the list.

An agent's current status, with away state options shown in a menu

Teams can also use the away state feature to check on the current availability of their teammates by looking at the team chat. The Team chat header shows how many agents are online. Selecting this header displays a list of team members who are online and their current status.

View away state reports - supervisors

Supervisors can view away time reports to better understand how their teams are spending their time when not engaged with customers. On the Analytics tab, select Exports, select On-Demand, and then choose User Presence in the Export Type list.

To learn more, see User presence.

Set default availability - agents

When you log in to Sparkcentral, you can decide whether you want to be Available or (custom) Away by default. If you are available, you will immediately get assigned the first conversation waiting in the New queue.

You can change your default availability preference in your personal settings by selecting your name in the top right and choosing My Settings.