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  Article updated: September 13, 2021

Sparkcentral conversation prioritization

Prioritization helps you ensure that your most urgent conversations are handled by agents in a timely and efficient manner by detecting urgent conversations and placing them higher in the queue.

Prioritization can help you:

  • Align your queue to your organization's business strategy.
  • Achieve higher customer satisfaction from customers that matter the most.
  • Provide better first response times and resolution times for conversations that matter the most.
  • Staff your teams appropriately.

Enable prioritization

On the Settings tab, expand Routing & Automation, and then select Prioritization.

You can prioritize conversations in the queue based on the following:

  • High Priority Topics
  • High Priority Customer Segments
  • High Priority Channels and Conversation Types

Each of these prioritization rules has a weight of 1. If multiple prioritization rules are applied to a conversation, all weights are added for a total priority score. The agent queue is arranged based on the priority score, from highest to lowest. When two conversations have the same priority score, they are sorted based on the time they came in, from oldest to newest.

More about prioritization

The priority score of a conversation can change while it is in progress. For example, if a conversation comes in with no topic attached to the conversation and no matching customer segment, it starts with a priority of 0. An agent can manually assign a high-priority topic to the conversation, raising its score to 1 and changing its priority. Similarly, if a topic was previously applied to the conversation that contributed positively to the priority score but was then removed by the agent, the priority score would decrease.

Any conversations that are not prioritized or have 0 points are arranged based on the conversation timestamp and can be sorted oldest to newest or newest to oldest.

When a conversation moves from the Pending queue to the New queue, the priority score is recalculated.

Tip: Hovering your mouse over the prioritization indicator in the queue displays the matching high-priority topics, customer segments, and channels and conversation types.