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  Article updated: March 15, 2024

Sparkcentral conversation prioritization

Prioritization pushes urgent conversations to the top of the queue so agents can handle them first. Prioritizing conversations can help you align your queue to your organization's business strategy, focus on important contacts, and streamline staffing.

Set up prioritization rules

To set up prioritization rules, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Admin settings, expand Routing and automation, and then select Prioritization.
  2. You automatically prioritize certain conversations in the queue based on the following:
    • Prioritized topics - Select from existing topics.
    • Prioritized contact groups - Select from existing contact groups.
    • Prioritized channels and conversation types - Select from existing channels, and then choose whether to include public, private, or both conversation types.

Each of these rules has a weight of 1. When multiple rules are applied to a single conversation, all weights are added for a total priority score. The queue is arranged based on the total score, from highest to lowest. When two conversations have the same priority score, they’re sorted from oldest to newest.

More about priority scores

The priority score can change while a conversation is in progress. For example, if a conversation enters the queue with no prioritized topic or contact group, it starts with a priority of 0. If an agent then manually assigns a prioritized topic to the conversation, its score becomes 1, increasing its priority. Similarly, if a conversation has a prioritized topic that is later removed by an agent, the priority score decreases.

Tip: Point to the priority indicator in the queue to see the matching prioritized topics, contact groups, channels, and conversation types. In this example, the priority score is 3: one for the topic and two more for the contact groups.

A mesage with an icon dispaying the number 3, as well as a billing topic and 2 contact groups.

Priority scores recalculate when a conversation moves from the Pending queue to the New queue.

Important: When admins add or remove topics or contact groups to or from the priority list, the priority score of a conversation will only change when its status changes (such as when it moves from New to Pending or Pending to New).



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