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  Article updated: February 29, 2024

Language detection in Sparkcentral

Sparkcentral supports more than 60 languages. When a customer sends you a message, Sparkcentral automatically detects their language. The detected customer language is added to the customer profile as a contact attribute. Customer service agents always have the option to set a language manually.

Language detection has the following benefits:

  • Auto responder can respond to customers in their language.
  • Conversations can be routed to teams with specific language skills.
  • Reports can be run in the languages used by your customers.
  • You can store a customer's language in your CRM.

Language detection is disabled by default. When enabling this feature, you'll decide which languages you want to detect automatically. The fewer languages you select, the better it will function. We recommend selecting no more than ten languages.

To enable language detection:

  1. Go to Admin settings, expand Routing and automation, and then select Language detection.
  2. Use the toggle to enable language detection, and select the languages of your choice.

How language detection works

Customer messages are processed by an AI language engine. If the engine doesn't have enough content to determine the language with the first message, it will try again on the second message. An agent can also manually set the language.

Example 1: Success on the first message

Language detection example 1
Message Language detection
“Hello, I have a question about my invoice. Can you please help me out?” 97.5% English, language set to English

Example 2: Success on the third message

Language detection example 2
Message Language detection
1 – “Hi” Will not be processed, the message is too short (minimum 25 characters required)
2 – “Hello, I have a question about an invoice” 87.8% English below required certainty threshold of 90%
3 – “Can you please explain why the amount is higher than last month? It seems to me that some additional charges have been applied.” 99.3% English, language set to English

Make the language visible

When language detection is enabled, it automatically stores the detected language in a contact attribute called Language. You can choose to show the language as part of the contact attributes. In Admin settings, expand Agent workspace, and then select Contact attributes. Use the toggle to make the contact attribute visible.

contact attributes with toggle highlighted.

Language in CRM API

You can also retrieve a customer's language from your CRM or store the customer language in your CRM. A variable named spark-language is included in the CRM API.


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