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  Article updated: July 13, 2022

Use automations in Sparkcentral

In Sparkcentral, automation is the process of automatically adding a tag to a message, applying a topic to a conversation, or resolving a conversation, so an agent doesn’t have to. Automation occurs when the system checks for a set of criteria in a message and then takes an action if those criteria are met.

Example scenarios:

  • Add a tag - You could apply tags to messages to add metadata, such as message sentiment, message type, or part of the overall conversation.
  • Apply a topic - You could apply topics to conversations based on the conversation type, such as sales questions, technical issues, or product questions.
  • Resolve conversation - Say a conversation has ended and, just after the agent resolves the conversation, the contact responds with “Goodbye.” For cases like this, you could add an automation rule to detect the word “goodbye” and automatically resolve such conversations.

Create an automation

To create an automation, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Admin settings, expand Routing and automation, and then select Automations.
  2. Select Add automation.
  3. Enter a name.
  4. Set your automation rules to react when any of the defined conditions is true, using If/Or messages:
    • Your keywords and phrases must be separated by commas, and the rule will apply to any keywords or phrases that are separated by commas.
    • If you select all of, you must enter your keywords or phrases exactly as they appear in individual messages.
    • If you select any of, your keywords or phrases must be separated by commas, and the rule will apply to any keywords or phrases separated by commas.
  5. Under Then, choose from one of the following automation options:
    • Tag with allows incoming conversations to be labeled with a preexisting tag.
    • Apply topic applies a topic to help you categorize, route, and prioritize conversations in the queue.
    • Resolve conversation moves the conversation to your account’s resolved queue.
  6. Select the + icon in the Then section to take multiple actions on the same conversation. For example, you can add multiple tags or topics or add a topic and resolve the conversation.
  7. If your organization has resolve reasons enabled, you can also choose a corresponding resolve reason that will automatically be applied to all conversations that are resolved via automations.
  8. In the Apply to channels section, apply this automation to any channels you want by selecting conversation types.

Manage automations

When you save an automation, it’s automatically enabled. To disable an automation, set the toggle to the off position. Disabling an automation pauses related actions until you re-enable it.

To permanently delete an automation, select Delete .


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